Standards and testing for teachers…what about the kids?

New teachers will have to show what they are capable of before being unleashed on students, under new standards released today by the New Zealand Teacher's Council.

The standards are being promoted because of a concern about student teachers whose literacy and numeracy skills are completely inadequate.

Uhmm….hate to point out that Student teachers were students before they tried to be teachers and the reason their literacy and numeracy skills are so woeful is because there are no standards to speak of for children.

Katherine Rich had this to say;

[quote]"The Minister's failure to consider national standards in primary schools, where literacy and numeracy problems can be first identified, while embracing national standards for trainee teachers, shows his dismissal is more about politics than any genuine interest in helping students read and write.

"Under a National government children will learn the basics at school – not when they're about to be let loose on another generation completely ill-prepared".[/quote]

If the minister was truly concerned he would ensure that children didn't finish school until they had met some decentnumerac and literacy standards.