The Three Tr-Ugly Sisters

This is a story of nepotism, or coincidence. It is also a story about three Tr-Ugly (troll ugly) sisters who through connections rather than ability are prsiding over a collective mess.

Tr-Ugly Sister One – Joan Caulfield.

Helen Clark's Electorate Secretary, first wife of Jim Anderton and the destroyer of evidence in Paintergate. She was also criticised about her involvement with the "guinea pig fax". Caulfield's role in faxing it to Ms Dalziel was questioned and criticisms of her in the report were thinly veiled.







Tr-Ugly Sister Two – Kay McKelvie.

Kay McKelvie was appointed Chair of Waitemata DHB in 2001 and was re-appointed in 2004.? She is also Chair of Quotable Value and a Director of Tourism New Zealand. She has previously been Chair of District Health Boards NZ, Chair of Finance and Property – Auckland City Council, a Director of the New Zealand Lotteries Commission.

Kay McKelvie is one of the key people involved with the Lab Test scandal and has thus far escaped any scrutiny unlike fellow Board member Ross Keenan. Given her close link with Helen Clark, I think closer scrutiny needs to be applied. Pete Hodgson though he is currently unable to say he has confidence in the District Health Board Chairs, he is hardly going to sack the sister of Helen Clark's long serving friend and Electorate Sectrtary, is he?

Tr-Ugly Sister Three – Mary Hackett