This sums up ANZAC Day perfectly

For some reason, the leftists and revisionists have taken it upon themselves to be complete arses. The rudeness of the comments on my posts and on others is disgusting.

At Sir Humphrey's, the erstwhile Right Wing blog, the leftists and revisoinists have made a complete mess of one of Adolph's posts. Ashley Clarkson actually provided what he thought was a list of well thought reasons why he wouldn't attend a Dawn parade. A frequent commenter VanzylNZ poured Ashley well and truly back into his bottle with this posting.

[quote] Ashley

For most of my life I have fought for the sides totally apposed to most here.? First thngs first Ashley, war is fought by people. People like you and me. Most of whom does not want to be there, but have no choice. The choice being that when you believe in something, then it might be worth fighting for. Sometimes that belief is wrong. I know that I regret that I was fought on the side of the USSR and Cuba. However at the time I believed it to be right. We can go into long philosophical discussions on what is right or wrong but in the end it is all just opinion. Where you fail misrably to understand is your total lack of experience. You see it does not matter how much they drank, or how scared they were. Or how many wet their pants when the bullets started flying. (god knows I have been known to dribble a bit when a 762 projectile smashes into a wall next to me.) Nor does it matter that some was there against their will. What matters is that we pay homage to the small acts of heroism these men performed for their comrades or their families back home. They did not ask to be there, trust me only the truly insane wants to be in war. And 99.99% of those who says the want to be there will be the first to run when the real thing goes down. At 63 I remember most of those who fought with me and even more those I fought against. So you pathetic person (and I have every right to call you that, you decided that you had the right to comment on something you dont understand/have no experience of) piss off and sit in front of your computor…If my side had won (I hate to say…) you would not have the freedom to do so. And I would never have been accepted by those who once were my enemies. [/quote]

Beautiful, just beautiful. Thankyou VanzlyNZ for saying it exactly how it is and from a position of actually having once been an enemy and now living in freedom, thank you.