Top Half of OECD looking remote

Labour's oft repeated promise of raising New Zealand to the top half of the OECD has been decidiedly hopeless. The only statistics where we are in the top half are all the wrong ones.

Now today we see that the latest OECD report slams Labour 's progress on raising living standards and the use of the tax system for what the OECD says is the deliverance of the Government's social policy.

Its recipe includes cutting the top personal tax rate, raising GST by one percentage point to 13.5% to raise an additional $1 billion in revenue, raising the age of superannuation entitlement, simplifying the tax system and finding ways to control inflation besides raising interest rates.

The OECD says there has been "little progress" towards the goal of lifting living standards to the OECD median.

Figures in the report show New Zealand ranks 22nd on national income per capita amongst the 30 OECD countries, ahead of only Korea, the Czech Republic, Portugal, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Mexico, and Turkey.