Woman convicted despite attempted Section 59 defence

A woman was convicted last week despite attempting to use Section 59 as a defence, thus again proving the lies of Bradford and Clark.

Their repeal excuses are that people get off. Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Essentially they are trying to subvert our justice and the jury system.

The court was told the woman hit the boy on his palms and inside his arms with the spoon, leaving 4cm red welts, after she became angry that he was taking too long to get ready for tee-ball. Judge Tony Adeane said there was a real prospect of her being sent to prison. Clearly our jury system works. Some people have a valid defence, others have no defence, that's how it works. Labour and the Greens are simply tampering with a system that works.

Chester borrows hits the nail on the head.

[quote]?The conviction in Hastings District Court last week is an example of a mother who hit her son in an unreasonable way being prosecuted and held to account, so Helen Clark and Sue Bradford can rest assured that the law is working.?[/quote]

The Bill should be quietly axed and buried.