Youtube – The pollies fear it

Tom Bevan has written an article about the fear and loathing of Youtube by the politicians.

[quote]It used to be a candidate could get by with sloppy language, a silly remark or a contradictory statement every now and then. Not any more. Today every utterance, no matter how small or insignificant, finds its way into the media bloodstream.

And now, thanks to sites such as YouTube and Liveleak, candidates must deal not only with comments or gaffes they're making today but also all the ones they may have made in the past as well. In particular, McCain, Giuliani and Romney have been confronted with video clips of themselves — in some cases nearly two decades old — articulating positions they're forced to defend today.[/quote]

Never before have politicians been under so much scrutiny and never before have their gaffes been so widely reported. The Antique media no longer control what it is that we see and hear.?