A few thoughts on paying your bills

I tell you I am heartily sick of the ongoing wailing and gnashing against Mercury Energy. Now I could be partisan and blame it all on the government as mercury is a SOE and clearly they are being overly rapacious in collecting their due monies, however the talk back comment and opinion in the papers is such that the debate is quickly descending into farce.

To blame Mercury Energy for the death is akin to protesting that Foodtown, Coutdown, Woolworths and PaknSave are complicit in? our dreadful child poverty stats. After all they should know that kids are starving and therefore let their parents off paying for groceries.

See how farcical the argument becomes when individual responsibility for ones own life and decisions is somehow abrogated to some amorphous organisation, in this instance Mercury Energy, but often the Government.

I still fail to see how any organisation is somehow responsible for the health of someone who doesn't pay their bills. Clearly the family didn't value the life of their mother enough to pay the bills so why should the company out of the goodness of its heart care more than the family members.

I know, I'll get slammed for this thinking, more so for writing it, but it has to be said, else we descend our society to farcical depths in the pursuit of a no fault society and a government knows all and cares all and pays all society.

?Ultimately responsibility lies with the individual and sad though it is, it was the mother herself that decided that songs sung by her sons would be better than dialling 111 for some assistance. there were so many things not done by this family and only one thing done by Mercury Energy I fail to see how they can be held accountable.