Altitude 585

I was feeling more than a little hungry last night so went for a stroll through the bustling metropolis of Ohakune. being the off-season for at least another month bustling it was not.

Most places were closed or closing by 8pm, I had spied a big Beef & Beer sign but unfortunately that was closed for a private function, I thought about crashing it, but couldn't be bothered. Wandering around I resorted to the tried an true method of selecting an eating establishment, go where the people are.

That really only left one alternative and I ended up at Altitude 585. It is a pretty impressive building with a great decor and yes there were heaps, well heaps for Ohakune, in there seemingly enjoying themselves.

I ordered up my favourite, Meat, blue. It arrived as rare, bugger. Why can't fricken chefs get it right, I mean it isn't that hard, cut its throat, wipe it's arse, sear it on the grill, slap it on the plate….see easy any fool should be able to do it, unfortunately for me most can't, but I digress.

The bar had a reasonble selection of beers but the Monteiths Pilsner was unavailable so instead I had a bottle of Tiger Beer.

The meal, I have to say was filling, however the standard was average, the meat was fatty and of course it wasn't cooked to my exacting standards. At least I could watch the league without inane conversation from the barman.?

May be i will get a chance for a decent steak at the Beef & Beer tonight.?