An analysis of Section 59

Having had the enforced chance over the last few days to spend quite a bit of time with my Dad we have talked about Key's tactics over Section 59.

I have also read the wailing and gnashing from the conservative right and the silly name calling without any clear thought about the politics of the move.

Therefore here is my 10 cents worth.

John Key is actually playing brilliant politics. National is a true broad spectrum party and appeals right across the the centre divide. It is actually the only place that all can co-exist really rather happily. Having been a member for over 15 years with some actually quite close insights to the party, I can certainly say that this the case of the modern National Party.

You see the rabid right will either vote for him or for ACT, either way the vote is the same and National still wins. Even though they may be pissed off they will NOT vote for Labour and they will NOT "not vote".

The centre however is where it is at. At he centre perception IS reality. Reality for Labour is that it looks to have lost the initiative, they are still perceived as having rammed a law through against the public wish, Key is perceived as having softened it, plus promised to change it if anyone get's it. The law was going to pass anyway, nothing he did could have stopped it. He has however improved what remains poorly written law.

The centre voting mums in Mt Eden and Mt Albert and Mt Roskill will now look at Key as someone who they can genuinely vote for who is not at all like what Helen Clark and Michael Cullen have described how nasty national leaders are….he really looks like a decent chap. Further he looks like a Prime Minister standing on the podium essentially calling th shots as Labour bled out its support. Helen Clark and lickspittles like Jordan Carter and his acolyte pretender Tony Milne can hardly call National the "nasty party", well they can, but not without looking incredibly stupid while the do it. Clark will also find it nigh on impossible from now on to play dirty with comments like "cancerous and corrisive" against Key again without looking like a Prime minister who has lost complete touch with reality.

The fact that Labour and Bradford went from "no way Jose" to "please come and talk to us about you little amendment" in leass than a week shows that they were copping an absolute flogging in their internal polling. They had to staunch the bleeding and this was the best way that they could think they weredoing so. In fact it has shown that the previously invincible Clark is no longer bullet proof and does in fact bleed when shot at.

Of course right now the very conservative right are wailing, but they still have little option other than to vote National or ACT either way the vote stays on the right so there is no loss for Key in annoying them. Further even more from the centre will abandon Labour and move to the right.

Ironically those wailing the most stand to benefit the most also from Key's strategy as it will surely increase ACT's standing at the same time as increasing National's.

But hey what the fuck would I know.