Back in Auckland

The travels are over for a week. The bus trip was surprisingly pleasant and arrived in Auckland early.

I am officially impressed. The last time I took an Intercity bus it was run by a state organisation, very poorly, almost never kept to the timetable and had rotten service.

This however was very good. From the time I booked online the night before to arriving in Auckland I was way impressed with Intercity.

It is years literally since i went down that side of the North Island. Fun to see "Smash Palace" at Horopito again, it hasn't changed a bit. Even some of the towns along the way seem to have grown up a little. I swear the biggest Subway in New Zealand is at Otorohonga.

So back in Auckland for a week then off to Australia to circumnavigate the West Island…. mmmm 14,000km's and 25 days.