Clark and Labour TV3 Poll Hiding

TV3 latest poll has Labour and Clark well and truly on the back foot.

The poll was taken after the "Key Compromise" over Section 59 and shows that the punters know more about politics than those in the beltway and elsewhere, where everyone including the rabid right was saying Clark won. I think you will find that the only pundits that picked Key as the winner along with his strategy were DPF and me.

Remember that TV3 favours Labour so this poll is probably actually worse for Labour than it shows.?

National?? ?? 48

Labour??? ??? 36

Greens??? ??? 8

Maori?? ???? 3.7

Winston First 2.4

All others each below 1 %?

Preferred Prime Minister

John Key??? 32 up 4

Helen Clark 30 down 7?