Clark copping a flogging from all points

The flood gates have opened and now the MSM is blatantly open in its criticism of the Killer Queen. That seems to have happened since her previous aura of invincibility was cracked and then smashed wide open by John Key.

John Armstrong yesterday got right stuck into her over the El Jefe affair.

[quote]Regardless of the eventual verdict in Taito Phillip Field's likely trial on bribery charges, the Labour Party appears to be getting just punishment for failing to do the right thing.

Throughout, Labour's handling of the Field affair has been a triumph for the politics of expedience.

The Prime Minister refused point-blank to hold a full public inquiry after the initial investigation by Noel Ingram, QC, ran into brick walls because witnesses refused to co-operate.[/quote]

Today it is Fran O'Sullivans turn to stick the knife in.

[quote]The terms of reference the Prime Minister set for her ministerial inquiry into Taito Phillip Field's dealings have finally been exposed as a sham by the police decision to lay corruption charges.[/quote]

Yes indeed, you reap what you so and thus the Labour party is now reaping its own lies, deceit, obfuscation and corruption as history will now show Clark not as the all conquering leader of Labour that won four terms but in almost the same light as Muldoon with the same if not more loathing of the mere sight of them.