David Bain upset at new Prison Overalls

David Bain is upset over a new prison policy that makes all inmates wear bright-orange jumpsuits when receiving visitors.

The rule will be introduced at all prisons to limit the smuggling of contraband.

Previously, high-security inmates or those who had been caught with contraband wore the overalls for visits, but the policy now includes all prisoners.

The orange overalls are secured by a plastic tie at the neck to prevent contraband items being placed inside the clothing.

They also make the prisoners easily distinguishable from others in large visiting halls and limit the chances of an inmate escaping.?

[quote]David said he refused to wear them. He said he'd rather not see anyone than see them in those humiliating things, which used to be only for people smuggling drugs[/quote]

Hmmm…this from the man who has the worlds worst Cardy collection.