Eve's Bite, Herald review and mine

I received my Eve's Bite book several weeks ago, when I started reading it I couldn't put it down, it was that good.

How good?

Well I immediately ordered a whole box and started handing them out to them. The conversations that we subsequently have had are very telling on the impact of this book. The impact after reading it is profound. You'll say to yourself never again will I be duped and in the same thought "Oh Shit, were fucked!!!"

The book certainly blew away a few mis-conceptions I had particluarly about "safe sex" which clearly based on the real evidence clearly isn't.

ScrubOne has a review of the Herald's review and I concur with his assessment of the Herald review. Clearly? John roughan has an axe to grind when he states at the end "It sounds like he knows the book has failed. In the end, Eve's Bite is no more than the author's bile."

Unfortunately for John's little hypothesis, Eve's Bite has rocketed straight into the NZ bestseller lists at number 2.

Ian may be joining me in the Bloggers Prison after the word on this book gets out.