First Jordan, now Tony, the VRWC is shutting up the left

The lickspittles have had enough.

Firstly Jordan threw all of toys out of the cot and stopped taking comments and now Tony may as well have because he has instituted a sort of censorship.

If the VRWC just keeps plugging on we'll have him silenced as well.

Jordan must be seeing his stats plummet now there are now comments. I used to go there in the forlorn hope that he would say something, anything sensible. I can't be bothered anymore.

Tony has also instituted a policy where he can link to one of Jordan's posts but he won't allow any comment on it.

Clearly the left has run out of things to say and when they do get up the gumption to say something don't want it questioned.

OUT OF TOUCH and soon to be out on your collective arses.?