Forget the spin, Key Wins

You can forget the spin and bullshit emanating from Helen Clarks back orifice.

Read a real opinion. ?

[quote]Make no mistake, this is a real victory for Key, disguised by the remarkable statesmanship of Helen Clark.

John Key's concentrated on what the proposed law actually said and not the wishful thinking of its proponents.

He expounded it without the extreme rhetoric adopted by what has become known as the "beaters and thrashers" camp.[/quote]

And that is the essence of the argument. John Key made a bad bill better, no matter how hard the Clarkist lickspittles try to spin it, Key outflanked Labour and made them compromise, just two days ago there was no need for a change and now there is, the real reason I would suspect, for labours crawling and fawning and backing down is sub-30 internal poll results.?