Hamilton for the weekend

Here I am in Hamilton, back where I was 20 years ago.

What to do, what to do….the hotel lobby attractions rack was suspiciously empty….maybe that is because there actually isn't anything to do in Hamilton except shag which is pretty much all I did 20 years ago.

The Riverina is gone…..oh the happy half hours on Thursdays….mainstreet hasn't changed much except for a bleeding casino.?

The hotel at least is great and way better than my student flat ever was.?

Oh well will keep you posted on the visit to my old flat, the university, the missus's old flats, maybe we will egg Tui's house again like we did 20 years ago.

We egged her house because she chucked Mrs Whaleoil out on her arse because of me. I dropped Mrs Whaleoil off one night and she went inside to meet the old bat coming out. Mrs Whaleoil for some unknown reason had her jumper on inside out and the old bat suspected some foul play was going on…..which of course it was…..not the point though and those eggs were so stinky they smelled through their shells. She is probably dead by now, she sure will be if we turn up on her doorstep again.