Hamilton Reminiscing

20 Years ago I attended Waikato University, met the missus and then left Hamilton. 15 Years ago I got married, so we decided to take a trip to Hamilton to visit all the places of our Varsity days.

But first some history.

My brother was born in Hamilton in 1970, this is the house we lived in at 21 Pollock Drive.

Ok back to 20 years ago. When I went down to Hamilton to study attend University I was late enrolling because I though hunting Sika in the Kaimanawa ranges was far more preferable than starting school all over again. Consequently I was missed out on flats etc so had to board. The people I boarded with were the Jospehs or Hohepas depending on who they wanted money from. Johnny passed away last year but he was a drunk who would come home punchy, so needless to say the year was interesting. Mary was lovely but clearly had trouble wih her husband and wayward daughter. I lived in the coldest darkest corner of this house. This was their place at 8 Snead Place.

After spending a year living with Johnny and Mary, I moved into a 1 bedroom flat in Cameron Road. It was a sorry affair that I shared with a good mate Anil Patel. We sure had some fun in that cold little hovel. That was it in the top left of a block of four equally frigid concrete boxes.

After that I moved down the road to another flat and then worked out that University wasn't really my bag.

Here are some shots of the University. Oranga the round cafeteria, the shops with the missus in the foreground and the view from the top of the libarary where I would biff darts from whilst studying fooling about.

While at University Hamilton I worked part-time at Harwoods Restaurant in Collingwood Street and also in D Company, 6 Hauraki Battalion. The base at Knox street has been demolished and is now a bunch of cheap leaky apartments. Harwoods is defunct and the house is now used as offices (below).

The missues lived at a few places, in her first year she lived at an old bat called Tui's place, the grey one below, we used to snog on the driveway with the old battle-axe standing on the porch huffing and puffing as we took so long. We she was kicked out by Tui she moved into the old shack next to the University. Her room was freezing cold and it took months for the eggs to go rotten before we could throw them at Tui's house in revenge. I used to climb through the window for shag so her landlady, who was "strange", wouldn't know I was there. In her second year she took over my fridge on Cameron Road and in the third year lived with Elvan a Turkish chick in the place with blue.