Here is why Labour is fucked

There are many out there in the beltway and beyond wondering what has happened to Labour. One political scientist suggests that it is almost impossible for Labour to get the fleeing voters back.

Clarkists think it because the message isn't getting through. Au Contraire, the message is indeed getting through.

Here are some snippets from the Heralds Comments page.


I have always voted for the left of centre parties. I will vote for the National party at the next election. Helen Clark has been a very capable Prime Minister. But I'm afraid that cleverness and goodness don't always go together. When a government says that it's ok for my daughter to be a prostitute, but not ok for me to gave a smack on the bottom to my child once or twice a year (rather than subjecting them to an emotional tirade), then something is really odd. I think the current government is made up of individuals who feel empowered by influencing the culture in a way that fits with their vision of morality (which in my opinion – given the examples stated above – is somewhat misguided). Personally, it lessens my respect for the law. I don't want to be under a government that makes dubious and self-gratifying laws anymore. My plea to National: when you get in, please be compassionate to the elderly, disabled and children (especially children born into poverty – who should not be made to pay for the actions of their parents). That will be enough to win my confidence that my vote has been well placed.


Anne McQuinn

After being a Labour support all my voting life and a member of the Labour Party, I'm devastated at the widening gap between what was my party and National. However, I work in the health industry (Community Laboratory) and simply because of what the Health Minister and thus the PM have allowed to happen to Health in NZ I have no choice but to add my name to those who have deserted the Labour Party.


Jeni the Best

What can Labour do? How about fall on their swords. I am sick and tired of this nanny state where mother Helen knows best and daddy Cullen thinks he knows how you can save your pocket money for a rainy day. I need my money today to pay for the extra taxes they want to charge me just because I have a job. Bring on John Key – the sooner the better – at least he has had a job, yep a real job not a parliament seat, and he has risen from being a housing corp tenant to a millionaire. What a fantastic thing! Imagine if all our housing NZ tenants did that! The election can't come soon enough for me.[/quote]