Labour can't help themselves.

They can't even tell the truth even when they are supposed to.

The list of declared donations of $10,000 or more received by political parties during the last calendar year reveals that National got nearly $150,000 in donations from trusts.

That isn't so bad when you consider Labour got $141,000…….whoa hang on a minute there, what happened to the $800k they were forced to cough up….where did that come from.

Labour's big donors were the Engineering Printing and Manufacturing Union with $20,000 (Andrew Little buying his nomination?), Steven Wong $23,000, Griffin Property $20,000 and BSJ Construction $15,000. Former Labour leader Sir Geoffrey Palmer gave nearly $11,000.

MP Damien O'Connor gave $17,500, and Prime Minister Helen Clark $11,000.

What happened to all the other "donations" from MP's. In just October the media was reporting that MP's for Labour were going to raise half the money themselves. That for sure is $435,000 worth of donations that haven't been declared.

It will be interesting to see next years donation return…I'll remember, bet Labour doesn't.