Labour in free-fall

If an election were held tomorrow then Labour would be slaughtered according to the latest and post-budget Herald-Digipoll.

key is also slaying Clark in the preferred Prime Minister stakes. This alone will see Labour start a putsch very soon. They are even harder on their leaders than National when they lose the appearance of invincibility.

So here are the numbers;

National ? ? ? ? ? ? 50.9% up seven

Labour ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 33.6% down seven

The political arm of Destiny Church also made a showing with 1.5%, clearly they are on the rise and shouldn't be dismissed out of hand.

John Key has passed Helen clark in this poll as well, up 9.3% to 45.5% compared to Clark who slipped 5.6% to 42.1%

Clealry the budget has gone down like a cup of cold sick with the electorate who are increasingly casting a jealous eye across the Tasman.?