National's Economic agenda released

National has given a glimpse of its Economic Agenda.

John Key said National's first budget would focus on 10 points which clearly showed National's desire to boost New Zealand's competitiveness.

They are:

  • A commitment to an ongoing programme of 'real' personal tax cuts, and which includes the previously announced policy to eliminate the cap on charitable donations.
  • A substantial investment in infrastructure across public transport, roading, telecommunications, water and energy.
  • A Resource Management Act Amendment Bill that will reduce the costs, delays and uncertainties of the RMA, while reaffirming National's commitment to high environmental standards.
  • Policies that deliver the right incentives for people to choose work rather than welfare.
  • A programme of action to reintroduce competition to the ACC system.
  • Changes to labour laws, such as the 90-day trial that will mean those who are most vulnerable in the labour market can be given a chance.
  • An ongoing programme to fix the fact that 1 in 5 New Zealand kids are not succeeding at school. Improved education is central to National's vision.
  • A stop to the flood of new regulations and red tape.
  • Immigration policies that ensure we attract the best and skilled migrants that our country needs.
  • A sensible spending track that recognises the value of our core public services but doesn't think the government should do everything in our society.

I expect National will release further details as time progresses but right now they are positioning themselves as a Government in waiting and watching while Labour and their pals self destruct.