Ok enough is enough let's get it sorted

As Kiwi's quake in the boots in small towns and politicians whine and prevaricate it is time for Kiwi's to take back their streets.

I have news for the Prime Minister and the limp dick Minister Burton , an inquiry won't solve anything.

I vote we pay Sheriff Joe $1 million per annum to come down here to set up a Sheriff's Department to augment the Police. Their special focus is to be on Gangs and Drugs. He should also be put in charge of Corrections as he seems to have a way with running prisons.

We should also pass laws liberalising our gun laws so that innocent citizens can protect themselves from the depredations of criminals.

I also support the establishment of Posses under the jurisdiction of the new Sheriff's Department.

Bounty Hunters should also be established, as clearly the Police are too busy stopping speeders to worry about real crime.

Enough is enough, it is time to put some of these fuckers in the morgue. Let's mount up!