Ok I have heard enough

I have spent quite a bit of time driving today across Auckland. Consequently I also spent a lot of time listening to talkback. The topic of the day is the woman who croaked after Mercury Energy turned off her power and her Oxygen system failed.

I heard person after person complaining about how terrible it all was…blah..blah…blah.

At risk of sounding like a callous bastard I fail to see how her husband could have sat by for two hours while his missus was dying in front of him.

Let me tell you, if someone came to turn off my power and the missus was hooked to a life saving device, they wouldn't get near the house let alone the power meter. If that failed, I would run a lead from the neighbours until the situation was sorted and failing that i would have called a fricken ambulance, not sat around waiting for her to die.

Whatever the arguments for or against Mercury Energy cutting off the power what the fuck happened to individual responsibility for;

  • Paying your bills
  • Making arrangements if you can't? pay your bills
  • Arranging alternative power supplies
  • Call an ambulance

Tough as it may seem, callous as it sounds, the responsibilty for this poor lady's death rests with the family.?