Ok I'm outta here

That fooled ya didn't it Sonic? But then that isn't that hard to do given your preferred party of support.

I meant i'm off to Australia for 25 days doing my big drive right round the West Island.

Don't worry, my normal "wonderfully offensive" commentary will continue.

Oh BTW Auckland Airport, How about free ?, you useless fucks. I refuse to pay $9.95 and hour for your poxy service.

And while I am ranting why do we have to turn up two hours before only to wait while the staff have coffee and a chat behind big grills? Huh? Why? Arseholes. I am not best pleased at the best of times, at 0400 I am really, really cranky as the fucking Helen Clark fan club cheerleader taxi driver found out this morning, and I thought Corporate Cab drivers were thoroughly vetted. Any way he will spend the rest of the morning pondering his great success in life, that being he is a cab driver no matter which way you look at it.

Now, check, Laptop, Vodem, Satphone, cellphone, wallet, credit card, cash….yep, I'm off.?