Peters resorts to form

Winston has resorted to form to raise his party's flagging fortunes.

The most recent ailment that New Zealand suffers that is the fault of immigrants is of course inflation.

Winston as usual pays scant regard to the facts and his continued support for a spendthrift government.

A quick check of all the things that Winston has blamed on immigration reveals so startling details;

  • Asians will outnumber Maori
  • Immigration responsible for the increase in HIV/Aids in NZ
  • Immigration is a "pit of corruption"
  • A member of Saddam's government was walking the streets
  • Asians poaching Kiwi jobs
  • Housing shortages in Auckland
  • Rates increases by the Auckland Regional Council?
  • Immigrants are taking over New Zealand
  • Immigration pushes up house prices

The list goes on and on, hell if we listened to Winston almost every issue that we face as a nation could be solved by stopping immigration.?