Pimp my Minister

The Government is road trialling new cars to replace Ministerial Fairlanes. Replacements are supposedly needed for the existing fleet of gas-guzzling Ford Fairlanes and LTDs, and two new hulking but cheaper-to-run diesel-powered Chrysler 300 CRDs and a Peugeot 607 are already on trial. They are also trialling Skoda Superbs, perhaps the most inappropriately named car in the world because superb they are not.

What an interesting selection.

One car is French, the French have never ever built a decent car, ever and never will, also two words for the government, Rainbow Warrior. I would never drive let alone buy anything the cheese eating surrender monkeys ever made.

A Skoda, built in Czech Republic. The Czech Republic could hardly be called a first world nation. The old joke about Skodas being The Star Car of the Fifties still stands. I spoke to a car dealer mate of mine and he said if you buy a Skoda you own it for life, ie the resale on them is crap, no one wants them as second hand runners, not even for their missus. So not a good choice there either.

That leaves the Chrysler 300CD. Now these cars do have street cool, that is if you are a drug dealer, pimp or prostitute. They are also American so quite why the government is looking at those beggars belief. I myself wouldn't have a problem with American products but the laugh would be to see Trevor Mallard driving one of these.

Given the current government penchant for scandal I think they should go with the Pimp Mobiles.