This story ain't done yet

Much to the displeasure of Helen Clark the Investigate story is far from over.

You know you are getting close when the media are being threatened.

At present it appears only TV3 is digging, TVNZ provided some coverage but only token and quoted Dear Leader slandering Wishart.

This seems to be the government response so far, call Wishart and Investigate scurrilous, outrageous, i even heard Greg O'Conner frothing on the radio.

However most comment about the issue shows that those blithly defending Broad have not even read one line of the 17 pages of allegations in Investigate. I suggest they shut the fuck up and go read the article before commenting further.

This story is still hunting and there is plenty of legs on it yet.

My bet is Wishart will up the ante and drop some real good documents on TBR anytime soon.