Time for Cullen to go

Is it time for Cullen to go?

Audrey Young certainly thinks so.

[quote]The promise of 10 fresh faces on Labour's back bench after 2008 is not going to counter the one fresh face leading National.

A more likely answer for Helen Clark lies in her front bench and the perception of her party's leadership.

Hers is not in doubt. The party has almost complete faith in her. If anyone can drag them back into contention, it is her. She is unassailable.

Her deputy and Finance Minister, Michael Cullen, may not be.

His attitude to tax cuts may now be so deeply ingrained in voters' minds that he may be sacrificed – or he may sacrifice himself – before next year's Budget to someone such as Aucklanders Phil Goff or David Cunliffe with no tax baggage.[/quote]

When he goes he should take the wicked witch with him.?