Too much weed and smack leads to…..?

Well, it leads to over punctuation of content, loss of capital letters and general delusionary behaviour.

This has been brought to my attention from the watchers at the VRWC.?

I am totally bemused that Phil at Whoar (I am still at a loss how to pronouce that, is it Whore or FWore) claims to be getting 3 million page requests a month.?

Strange that almost no one of those 3 million ever comment on his blog.? In fact his last comment was on the 21st of May!!!?

And that his Alexa ranking is about 2 million (Even DPF is at 40,000 and he is generally recognised as the numero uno blogger. Whaleoil has a ranking of 586,203).?

Also strange that he claims his number one visit source is NYC Govt or nyc.govt.? A pity their actual domain is

I think he needs to change his medication again and make it legal medication Phil while you're at it.