Viet Nam Veterans sticking it to the government

Just six months ago the Government was trying to bury the Agent Orange debacle with a hasitly put together compensation package and an apology from a war protestor.

Quietly Veterans were fuming and they got angry when they found out the medals they had been awarded for their servie in Vietnam now had to be paid for themselves and worse they are manufactured in China.

Most veterans were mad as hell and the compensation package that the government lauded to us all was fel;t by them to be an insult, mainly because it was almost impossible to qualify for it.

Well today they have launched a $5.9 billion lawsuit against Prime Minister Helen Clark and every other living prime minister, governor general, minister of health and minister of defence since New Zealand entered the Vietnam war.

The proposed lawsuit will allege consecutive governments and officials since 1962 were guilty of "malfeasance" and failed to provide duty of care to veterans. Malfeasance is a term used when public officials break the law and bring harm to others while in office. In some cases it can result in criminal charges.

Clark last night declined to comment on the pending lawsuit and referred all questions to defence minister Phil Goff, who said the Government had addressed the needs of veterans in a recent $30m Agent Orange compensation package.

Goff, wake up, they hate your compensation, they are basically saying stick it up your Maoist arse. $30 million is fuck all for what was done to these guys. That settlement was an insult and now they are baying for blood.