Wake up fools, It is not about Chickens

As David Farrar rightly points out this story we should all be talking about is not that Howard Broad is a sick fuck or that the Police are sick as well, it is the huge list of other allegations that so far Clark et al are refusing and hoping will go away.

Let me tell you right now, they will not go away and they point scarily to the reasons behind the Police will not and have not prosecuted anyone in Labour for their prima facie law braking and their stealing of an election.

It is clear to all who look, that the Police have become political lap-dog's to the Labour Party and do their bidding, all because of some distasteful things that happened in the past.

Those things involve Michael Cullen, David Beson-Pope, Tim Barnett and an as yet un-named former Labour minister.?

The media needs to seriously ask questions of the Politicians and not accept glib namby-pamby answers. We expect the media to ask those questions that we all are asking right now.

I quote directly from DPF "But again at the end of the day, the video is not the important issue. It is the other allegations that need to be rebutted on the record by those accused (and if they have been defamed they should sue for defamation), or an official inquiry of some sort needs to occur."

I concur.