Whaleoil in Ohakune

Last minute unplanned itinerary change necessitated a mad dash to Ohakune last night.

The van still sits at Waiouru and won't be ready until Monday, so twiddling my fingers in Ohakune.

I rented a replacement van off of the guys at Matai Lodge and so I called ahead on my drive and booked a room. Not having ever stayed at a back-packers i was unsure of what the accommodation would be like. I was pleasantly surprised. the Room is comfortable, the facilities are top notch, in fact better than a lot of motels I have stayed in. the staff are friendly and first class. They even have wireless internet.

Anyway stuck here till Monday so if anyone is nearby give me a call on 021535724.

If my talking with small business owners on the way up here and over the last couple of days is anything to go by Labour has seriously fucked up the budget and pretty much lost irrevocably the next election. 100,000 pissed off business owners is a massive swing by anyones book.?