What a thumping

Labour are being thumped from one poll to the next. The latest is a One News/Colmar Brunton poll.

Here are the numbers which are simply astounding.

National 56% up seven

Labour 31% down seven

Greens 6%

Maori Party 3%?

Winston First 2%

United Future 1%

National has a massive 25% lead in this poll, I fail to see how Jordan will be able to spin this.

In the Preferred Prime Minister stakes Clark takes a further hammering.

John Key? 38%

Helen Clark 27%

Labour will have to rely increasingly on Winston and that is a prospect no one would relish. He will see what is coming and start to cut rough in an effort to preserve what little dignity he has left. Labour will increasingly find him uncontrollable as National did in 1999.?

Labour are dog tucker and I think they know it. The Budget clearly has failed. Jettisoning Clark and Cullen won't help them because of the dearth of talent below. Most are toadies and lickspittles with little or no ability other than to felch Clark and Cullen. They're fucked and it is about time too.