Wishart challenges leftists

Ian Wishart has laid down a challenge to Russell Brown and his leftist apologist mates and the Clarkist trolls that infest his and Farrar's site.

To rub a little salt into poor wee Wussell he calls him the "Paris Hilton of NZ's blogosphere". heh I wonder what that makes me?

Anyway back to the challenge, and let's apply that challenge to the media while we are at it, huh! Fran, I know you read this blog so how about huh!

[quote]I ask our resident lefties to tell me what burden of proof they would require before believing that a proper independent investigation into police corruption is needed.

Would statements from respectable pillars of the Dunedin community be sufficient? Seeing as Conwell's statement is mainly confined to Milton Weir, I presume her credibility would be automatically enhanced if I could find other people willing to testify that Weir is a corrupt cop? Yes?

Tell me, Peter et al, what threshold you would require?[/quote]

Oh and Wishart has effectively scotched any hopes that National Mp's are implicated and shames the rest of the MSM with his comment.

[quote]If Nats had figured…they'd be included…but they didn't.

Labour isn't being pinged because they were vicariously in charge…they're pinged because they took an active role in both occasions.

Those with better memories might recall how Investigate published, just weeks before the 2002 election, damning leaked documents about BRT influence with National, incl financial influence.

Despite the fact I wanted the Nats to win, it was still my job to publish the story.[/quote]