Zillion lays down challenge to Trade Me

Trade Me has always had stores, but essentially there was no discernable benefit and many obvious flaws in setting up a store at Trade Me. Trade me, since selling out to Fairfax they have progressively ramped up fees as well.

Zillion has always been second fiddle as well but they have now released a serious challenge to Trade Me for professional traders. Their ZStores are way, way, way better than Trade Me's poor effort. In fact a good colleague of mine who is the number one trader on Trade Me told me that Trade Me had told him not to bother setting up a store as they suck and there is no benefit.

Anyway back to ZStores, the facilities for traders are great, including the use ot Tags and tag clouds, reduced advertising rates (5c gallery listings in your store), seller only forums for store owners. They really seem to have embraced some of the more ubiquitous web based technologies. Their search engine is also superior to the suckful efforts of Trademe. Zillion also has your watch list on the home page which for me is very handy.

The missues has set up her ZStore , so go there and make her happy by buying some of her quality products.?