331 Objections, 58 from Pakuranga

More than 1300 people unhappy over proposed changes to electorate boundaries have lodged 331 objections with the Representation Commission.

My electorate, Pakuranga electorate attracted 58 objections – the most for a single electorate. Including working class suburbs Glen Innes and Panmure in the electorate, the disruption of an established community of interest with Howick and support for maintaining the Tamaki estuary as a natural boundary were main concerns.

When you look at the proposals for Pakuranga and the rules for boundaries you find that the proposed new electorate breaches 4 of the 5 rules. Clearly the new girl was tasked with this job. For instance the Tamaki River has not been considered a natural boundary despite the fact that is actually wider than the Waikato River!! Most service clubs and sporting associations in the area are called Howick-Pakuranga, not Glen Innes-Pakuranga or Panmure-Pakuranga. Pakuranga is in Manukau City while Panmure and Glen Innes are in Auckland City.

Get the picture. Pure bureaucratic inanity.?