A comment on Abo's

A comment on Aborigines, submitted by Adolf Fiinkensein after my post on the Abo's in Halls Creek raised some hackles.

[quote]I see I have sprung an encyclopaedic commenter on your site who has failed to show that the abos were exterminated in WA. If they were, how come there still are so many of them? The truth is there were vicious local wars in which whites and blacks suffered many deaths with the blacks suffering more because they had sticks and the whites had guns. They were invaded and conquered. In Tasmania they were indeed deliberately exterminated, much to Australia's shame.

If you talk to cattle station holders they will tell you the real story, rather than the the rewritten history of today. The 'slavery' to which your commenter refers in fact was a common arrangement which lasted for about a hundred years, whereby the station provided the local tribe with sufficient basic foodstuffs – eg flour sugar and salt etc – along with so many cattlebeasts for slaughter for them to get by without relying solely on hunting. In return, the tribe supplied x number of stockmen at muster time, a period of two to three months. The stockmen would rotate as each would 'go walkabout' after ten days or so. It worked very well, so I'm told, until the unions, backed by the churches, turned up inthe early sixties and demanded that the blacks should be paid 'white man's wages.' Of course the station owners could not afford to do this because it meant paying some 50 men full wages for the full period because nobody could identify who actually clocked on and when.

It is interesting to note the 'slavery' to which your commentator refers was probably preferable to the conditions of 'freedom' in which most poor Londoners lived in the 1850s.

So, the free food and beef stopped and many of the blacks moved to coastal towns where they were plied with sufficient welfare to keep them quietly pissed up until the present day.

Of course this is a vast over simplification and is based on traditional oral history. Being white man's oral history however, it will be dismissed by the socialists.

Adolf Fiinkensein[/quote]?