A headline you won't see here

"Labor backs ranking schools on test scores"

Nope, you won't see that headline in New Zealand because in stark contrast to Austrlian Labor our NZ socialists fast in the grip of the unions couldn't possibly allow comparison of schools.

[quote]Opposition education spokesman Stephen Smith said the results of standardised tests in years 3, 5, 7 and 9 should be made public, Fairfax newspapers reported.

This would identify struggling schools, assist public policy decisions and identify the need for early intervention, Mr Smith said.

"If we can improve those kids' outcomes, we can improve our secondary school retention rates, and then ultimately we'll reduce the number of kids who eventually fall into unemployment or low-skilled jobs, which subsequently disappear," he said.[/quote]

Bizarrely the exact opposite is true of New Zealand where it is Labour that is trying to hide details about schools and National that is wanting the details published for all to read.?