Alcohol ban for Aboriginals

John Howard has grasped the nettle and decided that the government must act in dealing with the growing problem of abuse in the Aboriginal community.

He has announced that alcohol and pornography will be banned in indigenous communities in Australia's Northern Territory as part of a dramatic response to widespread child abuse, which was yesterday labelled a "national emergency". He has also called on the other states to join in as well.

Of course the bleeding heart liberals say that this breaches the right of the aboriginals, but I watched John Howard last night on TV pour one of those bleeding hearts right back in his bottle by blaming him and his ilk for letting aboriginals get to the state they are in through some sort of liberal ideal that clearly hasn't worked.

Part of the measures includes quarantining welfare payments so that half must be spent on food and accomodation ensuring that not all is spent on alcohol, and payments will be conditional on children attending school.

Parents will be required to pay for school meals. All children aged under 16 will also be medically examined.

Having spent some time in Outback Australia over the last three weeks I can tell you that these measures are absolutely necessary. These measures have been met with broad support and I predict that the majority of Australians will support these measures.