An exercise in futility

I have noticed over the last two weeks that the Aussies have disgusting images of lungs in various stages of cancer and other such photos that look like butcher shop adverts.

This of course is to try to distract, put off, stop people from smoking.

Except of course the cigarette shops/companies are not as stupid as the politicians who make stupid laws. They have a vast array of cigarette packet covers, disposable or otherwise that allow smokers to hide the images. When I say hide them I mean it, including the whole packet. The covers have all the trendy bands, brands, and cool images available including the ubiquitous smoking images of Marilyn Monroe and James Dean.

So, the great stop people smoking through shock campaign is doomed. Won't stop our politicians though will it?

Why don't they try this for size to stop smoking. make the price $50 a packet, then remove free health care for smokers. That'll sort them out.