And now the truth starts to come out

As I predicted the truth is finally starting to emerge about the Fat Lady whose boys sang while she died.

It seems that the contractor was NOT told about the oxygen machine, that the compulsive non-bill payers were quite used to living without power as they had had their power cut off four time previously for non-paying and that the contractor despite being demonised by all including the Killer Queen does use and in fact had used the same day his discretion in switching off power with sick people in need. Clearly he was never told and the lying SOB's have just made shit up about his attitude and demeanour regarding disconnecting their power.? In fact he was probably on first name terms with the family having disconnected the power four times previously.

"Gidday, boys, Mrs Fat Slug, same ole, same ole, just here disconnecting your power again, nah don't get up I know where the power board is"

Clearly Clark has tried to use this to her advantage, tough shit for her it is blowing up in her face.?

As i have said before this was simply a case of a woman who ate herself to death and couldn't face carrying on, was in the middle of an assisted suicide when luck should send some poor contractor their way to turn the power off. How bloody convenient. Essentially this family have committed a fraud using their dead mother.

In other news the power was cutoff in another part of Auckland and no-one died, fancy that.?