Another five star moment

I didn't think it could be done. A steak better than the one in Darwin at the Raging Bull. Unfortunately for the raging bull the mantle has now passed to the Steakhouse at the Seaview Hotel in Townsville. The big neon sign annouces that they are the best Steakhouse in Nth Queensland. i think they are being too modest and they can actually lay claim to being the best steakhouse in the whole of Australia.

The 400g Eye Fillet, cooked blue of course, simply melted in my mouth. the Mushroom sauce was superb. Skippy had a 450g Rump Steak with a Garlic Cream sauce and he was moaning like a well paid whore at the taste.

The meat served was grain feed beef and the taste was to die for. the beeves certainly died and for that I am grateful.

Both the Raging Bull and the Seaview are five stars, but the Seaview was better. We are considering staying in Townsville for another day so we can sample the steakhouse again.?