Aren't tech reporters who know sfa annoying?

I hate reading tech reports in the media where it clear almost from the forst word written that they know almost nothing about the subject they are commenting on.

A case in point is this mornings article in the The Press about Skype.

Where does one begin with the many falsehoods outlined in this article.

  1. Skype is not a website per se, it is an application.
  2. You can hide yourself from the great unwashed.
  3. Don't you know what your kids are doing on the internet? Fools

I have used Skype for years, I have never had unwanted? calls, or people wanting to make friends. That is mainly because almost all the information loaded in my profile is false, I only accept connections from invited persons that I know and I understand the technology and all of the settings.

If anything the article highlights the dangers of high technology easily accessible to the masses.?