At last the truth

Adolf posted this as a comment. ?

At last the truth comes out. ? She was dying of cardiomyopathy and had stopped taking her medication which was keeping her alive.? Her death had NOTHING whatever to do with the loss of power.? The phone also had been cut off so the power company had been unable to talk to the family by phone.? What a disgusting and disgraceful fiasco perpetrated by the Antique Media, particularly Radio Left Wing which ran this as it's lead story for FIVE WHOLE DAYS, piggybacked by a grasping PM desparate for any photo opportunity.? Notice how National has kept right out of the fray.? This will come back to bite the brainless lefties on the arse.

I think this whole episode has been milked to quote Adolf by the dead woman's "nephew" who just happens to be a union worker. If I was Mercury I would demand back my tenner that Clark forced us to pay.?

Meanwhile the quote of the week comes from Lindsay Perigo on Eye to Eye just after one of the socialists say her death should be blamed on poverty;

[quote]Well she didn't die of starvation[/quote]

Exactly, this woman actually ate herself to death as she had cardiomyopathy an obesity-related heart and lung disease, not only that, I think she was actually going through an assisted suicide and the family seized on the happy coincidence of the power being cut off. She had stopped taking her medication and was trying out traditional Samoan healing. Clearly the playing of guitars did her no good at all.

Of course the secret agenda behind all this has now been revealed. More mandatory regulations of power companies.?