Bit of a thicko? no problem join the Police

It has been revelaed that Police are recruiting from the shallow end of the gene pool.?

The drive to get more women and non-European officers into the police has been blamed for some ill-equipped people being accepted for training to join the force.

An internal report by a senior trainer at the Royal NZ Police College in Porirua said the number of poorly performing recruits who needed extra training before graduation had increased 150 per cent.

Oh great, we get an extra an 1000 cops but they can't even spell Police. From the report Police are recruiting people that are of low average intelligence or in other words just as smart or a little bit smarter than the dumbest 23% of the population. Right ficko's!!

Shit now we will have dumber cops with guns, a lethal combination. One wonders why we are recruiting from the shallow end of the gene pool??