Blogger Drinks last night

Last night i met up with a few of those i will drink with, ie not socialists at the Cav on College Hill.

DPF was up from Wellington, MikeE, Gooner, Adolf, DarrenG, and a couple of other whose ids escape me right now enjoyed the convivial atmosphere at the Cav.

We managed, I think, to solve, in no particular order;

  • The woes of ACT
  • A new home for the itinerant's from Sir Humps
  • The end of socialism in NZ
  • How to put a tie on Sir Robert Muldoon
  • How to conduct a local body campaign with remote advisors.

I had to leave to attend the Indicative Selection for C&R Hobson, but that is another story in itself that i may be able to blog once I have permission.

Drinks and Adolf's provided fires and sauce were most enjoyable, perhaps we need to make this a regular occurance, i mau make an exception to my socialist rule for PM, as he has been vouched for by Adolf and Gooner.?