Clark gets the slam in the House

Helen Clark is not used to the Opposition being….well….the Opposition, she has become haughty and snooty over time and boy is she getting a few slaps now. Last week it was John Key giving her a flogging and today it was Bill English.

[quote]Rt Hon HELEN CLARK: Can I stress, again, that John Key made exactly the same commitment for a thousand extra police. No doubt, Bill English thinks that is a gimmick too, but it might explain why when Mr Key was interviewed this week on whom he was leaving in charge while he was away, he listed Moonbeam, the family cat, before he got to Mr English.

Hon Bill English: Moonbeam the family cat could get recruited as a policeman these days!

Simon Power: He?s too bright!

Hon Bill English: He is too bright. What then is the Prime Minister?s response to the internal police report of serious concerns that low standards for recruits mean: ?Some of our staff are in a very vulnerable position and some of the public are probably being placed at risk or offered very poor service,?; and that the police ?are at risk of claims of negligent hiring because we know these things.?, or is she not worried about public safety and what the police think of their own recruits?[/quote]

That is pretty much a slam dunk, she was trying to be smart and go her smartness slapped right back at her. Bloody good stuff.