Cullen decides easy gum, easy go

Cullen decides easy gum, easy goFinance Minister Michael Cullen sought Cabinet's approval just a month before the May Budget to cancel its previous "chewing gum" promise to adjust income tax thresholds – the only tax cut he has promised in eight Budgets. But… [NZ Politics]

Not only that but the papers show Labour's utter contempt for taxpayers with Cullen saying ""Within the protection period (ie. from 2011-12 onwards) we will adjust the tax thresholds for inflation, but some portion of fiscal drag might need to be retained to finance our decisions.". See they acknowledge that they will steal from taxpayers more because of fiscal drag and that is tough titty because they want to spend more.

Not only that, it is clear that Labour has again lied to the electorate. They justified the cancelling of the tax cuts by saying that Kiwisaver was the replacement, but it is clear from the cabinet papers that the tax cuts were dropped because Labour wanted to spend more and that was the easiest way to reef the money out of the electorate.?

They are nothing but thieving scum.?