Day 1 of the Great Whaleoil Aussie Trip

So here I am in Lakes Entrance, Victoria. After getting up at 0300 this morning and enduring a socialist wanker cab driver the plane thankfully left on time at 0550. We arrived in Sydney 0700 local time and were in our Thrifty Rental Car by 0815 after enduring what can only be described as the worlds slowest Customs Clearance. Thankfully when we got to the front of the line the Customs Official waved us straight through with out the x-ray. Something to with being from New Zealand.

QANTAS was its usual crappy self, no wonder the Aussies hate them as well. Quick And Nasty Typical Australian Service sums them up perfectly.

It took a while for our navamn to get us out of Sydney and through the traffic it wasn't until well past Wollongong that we cleared the worst of the traffic. Aussie road signs, I must say are brilliant and they treat speed cameras as road safety devices rather than revenue gathering devices. Prior to coming across speed cameras you are warned with fuck off big signs that they are operatin, several times, only the dimmest of driver could miss them. they also use them outside schools to enforce 40km/h zones. Let me tell you, no-one speeds past schools.

I had bruch at a roadside Truckstop just past Falls Creek and from then on it was just a matter of reeling off the kilomentres. First fuel stop was Bega. then carried onto Eden where they have a Killer Whale museum. Given that a Killer Whale is my logo, I had to stop for a photo.

After Eden we legged it down the NSW coast and crossed the border to Victoria shortly after. So far on one cop in the trip. After crossing the border we drove through a lot of bush area that has recently had a bush fire through it. Very fascinating to see the bush regenerating.

We finally made it into Lakes Entrance at 1800.

Trip details are;

  • Fuel Used so far: 71.3l
  • Average Fuel Consumption: 9.9l/100k
  • Time Driving: 8:53
  • Distance: 719.6km
  • Average Speed: 81km/h

Tomorrow it is off to Horsham, Victoria, bypassing Melbourne.

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